2018 Prophecies

1. In 2018, we shall have heightened political turmoil around the world, which shall result in division and more polarization. We need to pray for the world and the nations, for unity in the United Kingdom where the strands of division shall be heightened in 2018. The same applies for the United States where there is going to be more political and racial divide; European Union where we shall see more dis-union (or division), Africa, where the forces that divide the nations shall be more ferocious than those that unite the continent. Pray against DK (Divided kingdom, or Dis-United Kingdom – as opposed to United Kingdom), DSA (Divided States of America, or Dis-United States of America – as opposed to United States of America), OAD (Organisation of African Division, or Organisation of African Dis-Unity – as opposed to Organisation of African Unity), ED (European Division, or Europe Dis-United – as opposed to European Union), and the DN (Divided Nations, or Dis-United Nations – as opposed to the United Nations). The year 2018 shall expose many fractures at social, political, economic, ideological and religious levels, resulting in dangerous levels of tensions across the globe. See Psalm 2:1-4. Indeed, the world NEEDS AFANMI! For God so loved the world! John 3:16-17. Please also read and consider 2nd Chronicles 7:14; Daniel 2:20-21; Ephesians 6:12; 1st Timothy 2:1-2; Jeremiah 29:4-7; Isaiah 2:2-4; Psalm 22:28; Psalm 133.
2. There will be quite a number of environmental crises, which will spring forth in 2018.
3. There will be dramatic and unprecedented extreme/terrible weather conditions, with ferocious weather patterns. There will be earthquakes here and elsewhere, more than before, and some volcanic eruptions with some cities and communities evacuated. We shall see worse hurricanes in 2018 with typhoons, cyclones, and more ferocious wildfires in California and Australia. Furthermore, there shall be tornadoes and worse flooding in Europe and the East. There will be huge ice-breaks from the Antarctic, and unusually cold weather conditions in parts of the USA and other nations – especially Europe, Scandinavian countries and the North-East. See Luke 21:25-26.
4. Brexit, Trumpism, The Middle East, China, Russia, Europe, North Korea, Iran, and Turkey will dominate politics and economics in 2018. Conflict of interest issues and other legal matters will dog the Trump presidency and affect many in the world. Arguments and counter arguments put mist and clouds over the Brexit agenda for the UK, creating much uncertainty.
5. A mixture of hope and disappointment will prevail in Southern, Eastern and Central Africa, politically and economically. There shall be some surprise rises and surprise falls in national leaders, resulting in political and economic jitters for a major part of the year. Eventually, as the year wanes, there will be calmness in the region. This will usher in a new level of confidence which boosts a few nations politically and economically, with an influx of foreign direct investments, especially in Southern Africa – mainly Zimbabwe, South Africa and Zambia. A few in the diaspora will move back, while some will begin to consider the possibility of moving back, as they weigh the options.
6. There shall be more home grown, ‘lone ranger’ or ‘lone wolf’ terror plots/tactics in Europe, USA, UK, with an unusual number of terror related attacks/incidences in Russia. Some of the USA attacks will be targeted at the White House, government buildings and the Trump tower.
7. Home grown, ‘lone wolf’ or ‘lone ranger’ terror attacks and other gun-related crimes shall be concentrated on shopping centres, schools, places of worship, sporting events, hotels, airports and the transport system.
8. There will be an unusual number of plane crushes in 2018, some quite major. (Please pray – because whether it involves a big plane or a small plane, every plane crash is a disaster which takes no ‘prisoners’ or survivors).
9. There will be a rise of dangerous computer viruses and ‘Hack Attacks’, particularly in the banking and financial sector, some of them targeting major corporations and government department or key agencies.
10. Prior to, and after the first and second world war, national wars were fought on land, and on the sea. In the 20th century and till 2017, battles were fought on land, and in the air. In 2018 and beyond, while some wars will be fought in the visible space of land, air and sea, the majority of the wars and battles shall be fought in cyberspace. Note that a lot of huge and small ‘gadgets’ – including submarines and major warships – are controlled electronically, via some electronic device, in some cases remote control – like drones and missiles etc. A nation will attack and literally destroy another nation’s economic and political infrastructure, banking system, systems of government and social order, and completely disable another country’s capacity to respond or defend itself, as those more superior in the technological sphere will be the new Super-powers. From 2018 onwards, we shall see the emergence of a new kind of ‘arms race’ – that of the Cyber-Techno sphere. Some ‘small’ nations with ‘techno-whizz-kids’ shall emerge from the shadows and surprise everyone, striking fear and uncertainty in an already polarised world.
11. A small number of dangerous bombs/missiles shall be dropped in 2018, being the action of some wayward/hooligan national leaders. Pray against the spirit of hooliganism and war-mongering among some political leaders.
12. 2018 sees a sharp rise in racial strife and hate crime inspired by nationalists and anti-immigrant rhetoric.
13. There will be some impeachment efforts against one or two well-known national leaders in Africa and the west, and one or two assassination attempts targeted at one or two national leaders. Please pray.
14. A small number of prominent national leaders will pass on to glory in 2018. Included in this number shall be one or two prominent servants of God. Please pray that God will comfort the families and the countries involved.
15. Here goes China, here goes Russia, here goes North Korea. Here goes Israel, and here goes South Africa. Here comes Turkey, here comes Liberia, here comes Zimbabwe, here comes Japan. Things shall happen in these countries which shall have serious national, regional and in some cases global implications. Watch and pray.
16. Damascus is in danger of destruction, as prophesied by Isaiah (Isaiah 17 vs 1).
17. In 2018, there shall be many scandalous exposures that will be experienced, involving government officials and other agents of society, as well as well-known citizens including the wealthy/rich and the famous. Ground-breaking and path-breaking technologies in other areas, including agriculture and commerce, will come forward in 2018.
18. 2018 shall see the emergence of innovative advances and significant breakthroughs in science and medicine. Medication will be found for some diseases hitherto considered untreatable, thereby lessening the chances of untreatable diseases.
19. Technology from the drones will bring forward the ideas of ‘flying cars’. I see low-flying drone powered or drone-like small vehicles flying about; some carrying one passenger, and some two – just as a starter. We are entering a new era where Sci-Fi will begin to become reality.
20. In 2018 we shall see a continuation of the spectacle of Surprise Winners and Surprise Losers, both in sport and in politics, as well as in Show-biz (or the entertainment industry). Prepare to be incredulously astounded.
21. The year 2018 is a year of divine and spiritual overflow for many of God’s children, especially the faithful ones. The Overflow shall be experienced in three main areas: Overflow in Personal Finances, Overflow in Business Finances, partnerships and profitable business ideas and ventures, and for some there shall be Overflow in Ministry (as some shall arise with fresh and in some cases unusual anointing, the spirit or gift of Revelation, gift of Healing/Deliverance, gift of Discernment, and Word of Knowledge – Prophetic Insight). Pray against the spirit of pride as some may get puffed up and end up going in wrong directions which will result in misuse or abuse of the Overflow anointing. [God will judge those accordingly, in His own way, in His own time].
22. 2018 is the year of the Shadow of God. It is the year when God’s presence will overshadow God’s people, particularly the faithful ones. See Exodus 33:21-23; Psalm 91:1-7; Psalm 17:6-9; Psalm 23:4-6; Psalm 57:1-3; Psalm 63:3-10; Songs of Solomon 2:3-4; Isaiah 4:3-6; Isaiah 51:15-16; Joel 2:23-27; Hosea 14:5-7; Luke 1:26-38; John 21:1-12; Acts 5:12-16. Everyone to make their own pick from the list of Scriptures given here. God will open Heaven’s Departmental Store. Pick and choose, put in your own shopping basket of His promises, and you are sure to smile come December 2018. I see a few people literally in tears of joy as they contemplate the doing of the Lord in their lives. People shall testify, giving glory to God!
23. In 2018, I see many so called ‘black’ (coloured’/dark skinned) people overcoming the spirit of the pigeon/turtle dove. God has released to them, the freedom to be established in big business; starting with ‘black’ or ‘non-white’ stars or celebrities in sports and the entertainment industry. Many shall come forward like never before, and the world will take notice. I see some in soccer, as well as American football and Basketball, taking ownership of teams for the first time ever {Usually they are the star players who work (make money) for ‘white’ employers who own the sports and entertainment companies}. The spirit of the pigeon has been broken and taken away from the ‘black’ people world-wide. Many shall break free from the captivity/bondage of employment. Many will move from employee to employer very quickly, as others venture into property and other commercial endeavours. 2018 shall witness a major shift as many ‘blacks’ or ‘non-whites’ move from employee to employer – from gleaning to ownership. 2018 is the year for the ‘dark-skinned’ people all over the world to ‘Arise’.
24. 2018 shall see an unusual rise in women/ladies claiming positions of power and authority at national level and in some cases on the international arena. You shall see some silent women rising up to prominence. Some will surprise you.